What is a mattress foundation

What is a mattress foundation

A foundation is a base of a bed; it can be a wooden frame, springs or the metal rods that gives your mattress the support it needs. A foundation normally has the same dimensions as the mattress that is placed to sit on it. As your mattress provides you with support as you sleep on it, the foundation ensures that it provides support to your mattress so that it can have a long life. It raises the height of the mattress and also ensures that it protects your mattress from wear and tear, it also maintains your mattress’ structure and integrity.

Why get a mattress foundation

There are foam foundations which are used to provide the foam mattresses with support; it also helps to distribute the weight from the mattress evenly. However, it is always important to note that box springs are never supposed to be used for the latex or the memory foam mattresses. Although you can use the slat foundations on the memory foam mattresses, you should ensure that the slats are not apart by more than eight inches.

The mattresses that are made with micro coils and the inner springs require foundations that are firmer rather than the box springs, with firmer foundations; they will be in a position to prevent any premature sagging.

Foundations provide bed bases that are adjustable, therefore, gives one the opportunity to control his or her bed’s elevation in order for it to provide you with the comfort that you need. However, you should note that they work best with the inner spring, foams and the air mattresses.

You can use a platform foundation with various mattress types; it will be in a position to provide firm support to your mattress as well as the necessary stability. They normally come with built-in storage and always have that clean and modern appearance. You can check this mattress reviews and sleep education site from Dennis Pork to know more details

Several mattress manufacturers have completely shifted from box springs to the foundation; this is because foundations can provide your body with thicker and stronger support. They also absorb more of your weight and evenly distribute it which is very good for your back.

Foundations are normally cheaper than the box springs, there are a lot of retailers who tend to include it with the mattress, and however, it is good to be careful not to get the wrong foundation.

Bed foundation buying tips

You should always remember to look at the warranty when you want to buy a mattress foundation, and you should always ensure that you are aware of the types of foundations that can void your warranty.

You must first decide on the height which you want your mattress to sit on, and this is because the foundation is supposed to add to the height which your mattress is supposed to sit on.

Remember to add up the body weight of everyone who is going to use that mattress for sleeping jumping or sitting, and the body weight should be added to that of the mattress, by doing this, you will be in a position to determine the weight limit of the foundation.

Before you buy one, you should look for those features that best suit your needs, if it has them then you should take it.

Foundations provide a lot of benefits, for instance, they will provide your bed with height. Therefore, if you decide to get a foundation, go for one that you feel is right for your bed. However, for those people who have the spring coil mattress, they must get a box spring that can help them in absorbing some of the pressure. Although, getting a sturdy and even foundation is the best idea. If you get a good foundation, say goodbye to wear and tear on your precious mattress, your mattress’ life will be extended as well. You should not forget about the airflow, and this is because the absence of this can make you more of sweaty and hot. You should, therefore, ensure that you properly space the slats to allow air to move in between the floor and the mattress. That is why it is not a good idea to sit your foundation directly on the floor. Remember, a mattress should never be placed on an old foundation.